◆ I guess , Everyone seek Wellbeing


◆ Do you think it is really good ?

Let’s think again .. about The world and Japan Economic , Social system and Majority values can make real happy life or not ?

What do you hope on your life , really ?

I am feeling that Most of People , companies and Governments also , they are looks like wanted Economical success , not to Wellbeing.



… in Last year , I met one guy

who working at World Famous Japanese Company which everyone known .


The guy is honesty person and really Making a lot of effort on his life , but looks like not Happy…….. coz alway angry and fighting .

however.. He seems thinks that he is winner of this society and his like person is a real adult and valuable man .

He seems to believe that safe living leads by financial success.

In my eyes , Never that he seeks Real Happiness . I don’t think he wants true happiness.

According to his Thought , …..

I am never good person …………. 😆 ..

I am the person who never want to fight to getting good position or Earning , like him.

Then now .. I am thinking like that ..


“ Happiness is in your heart.It is so Truth . So , If you can notice it clearly , you can create happiness in any situation of your life.”

But .., People seems to believe in this world society system is Right , more than the laws of heaven .


I believe in Law of God , Heaven.

I never believe in this world system of all and do not say “yes” to this system.

Because, If it is correct, no war broke out,

and happiness is in every corner of the world.

.. So .. we Have to Think again , Who is making the world? Have you making it? Me too .?

I recognize like this …

Changing consciousness , it will able to change the standards of social systems and ultimately change the world.

Without Remind of Wellbeing,

How can you make peace on this Planet, and Better Future for children to next Generations ??

So that it’s important to feel the vibration of Wellbeing in your Heart .



In Past , May be you can not believe that I was such a person who didn’t like the world system , just only Lazy person and could not confidence to myself.


but nows me is Very difference. I am not Perfect person but trust myself very much .

And It is the reason to do my education research for happiness .

How did I changed myself?

It was what by theory and practice of Artlosophy. ✨✨😊


Cecilia K

Artlosophy Education study