言語をプログラムすることProgramme to the Language

Programme to the Language
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program to the Language

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programme to the Language

Cecilia K Art & Design Studio

Cosmic series



言語をプログラムすることProgramme to the Language

I’ve been thinking a lot about the infinity of human existence and the secret of our potential and the creation of the universe.

Yesterday, while reading books on Upanishads and Raja Yoga, I was thinking about human potential and the power we truly have.

We need to understand more deeply that the words we use can limit our actions, our activities and our spirit.

And food has even more power, words are in a way food for the mind. You have to choose your words really carefully. You have to choose your words really carefully, because the words that are running through your head are deciding what you do.

I think that only true artists, true creators, think deeply about that.

There are a lot of fake artists in the world. And there are many fake leaders. They don’t think deeply about the origins of the universe, about the wonders of creation, and they play on our fears so that we don’t think about them.

If you are stirred up by fear, then you do not believe in your own potential and you have no understanding of the freedom of human beings.

It is not essential that you only think about what you want to create. How many artists are mindful of the wonder of this, that they can create, that they can make, that they don’t know what it is, but they have the power to do it?

Being an educator is in a way like creating a child. But how can you teach a child if you don’t know your own potential, if you don’t know what human potential is?

Right now the world’s leaders are forcing us, the general public, to stay put. There is no learning in that. If there is no learning, there will be no new things created.

Do you want to stay at home?

You should think more about the negative legacy it creates.

To say that we are immobile, to say that we are restricted, is to deny our potential. It is a denial of human potential, it is a denial of human infinity. There are too many people like that in Japan.

But there are people who are not like that. But really, educators and people who are involved in education should think deeply about that.

I also think that if you are a human being, there is no one person who is irrelevant to human development.

People who do not have this way of thinking, who do not destroy possibilities, who do not believe in infinity, will not be able to grow truly humanly and spiritually. And what will be created will only be of that dimension.

But people are not crushed by such things. The Japanese will not be crushed by such things either.

We will make a comeback somewhere.

Those who are complacent or have given up on the current situation are not among them. They have put their lives in a box. They have locked up their own spirit in a box. Without a free spirit, you can’t create anything free.

Now is the time to wake up and see that every human being is an artist with inexhaustible possibilities.


Saito Cecilia Kaoru

Founder of Artlosophy



















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