5th International Art Festival


1 Sep to Last Oct 2019

5th Geoje Island International Art Festival In South Korea

I have invited as a Jury of the Festival this year .

I have joined the Festival Since 2017 Dec 3rd Festival .

The Festival is really rare Event .

It is organized by Haegeumgang Theme Museum. They are Kind and very Peaceful ppl.

Museum Director is Mr Cheon

Madam Yukung is Director of

Yukung Museum of Fine Arts.

And this person is important. General Director is NY Artist Michael Lam .

Every year , I am very happy to visit the Museum and the Event.

If you want World 🌎 Peace

Please visit and Join the Festival as A Artist .

Welcome 🙏

Cecilia K

Details of the Work

Details of the work

It is a Greeting from Bottom of my Heart , to 5th International Art Festival In Geoge Island Haegeugang Theme Museum In South Korea 2019 , and

Everyone who joining the Museum from Children to Old too.

I am very happy to come back and with you all , here again .

This is a Great Honor on my Artist life . First of all I would like to deeply thank all of you for inviting me here as a Jury of the 5th International Art Festival. I would like to personally thank the Museum Chief Director Mr Cheon Pedro brother( I call him brother ) , Madam Yu Kyung , Michael Lam ( he is the person who invited me at first ) , All Museum Curators , All Staffs and All related Volunteers.

I have been joining this Event starting from 3rd Festival. I think that Concept of this Art Event such as Children’s Beautiful Planet , Present and Real Happiness Future .

This Event gives me experience and teach me year by year . I becoming understanding from the deep concepts which will makes Real Love Real Peace on this planet.

This Festivals’ Concept , True Love, is Giving me always REAL Recognition which Directions are the best way for All Type of Religious people in any Societies , and it reminds me what is important indeed .

Let me tell you a little bit of myself: I was born in Tokyo in Catholic family. However My Grandma was Buddhist and my grandfather was belonging to Shinto religion. What does it mean? This special situation in my family teaches me a lot of good things, and since my childhood to whole of my Artist life , I have found Basic Philosophy : Real Love will make Unity on this planet .

I really believe that we, human beings, should put “ Real Love and Peace “ as our standard .

In this connection, I would like to introduce you one topic from My Education Study Artlosophy ( Art & Philosophy Integration )

1: As you closely look at Piece of Art , at first you may recognize it has Beauty , Brightness of colors , Figures , Strong shapes with theme or concepts .

But the only true recognition what you can get are not from outside of the piece of Arts . Those are related to your every inner personality plus , it is belong to your Original Five Sense, Sensibility and sometimes received Intuition too. It means that at the same time you can be able to see your every Emotions , Thought and your Values that are there in your heart your own senses .

May be you can find out Not good things but also you would able to receive higher dimensions of Intuitions what didn’t know till today .

And that will also Give you more deep Experiences to know your speciality or Quality and awesome incredible your Talents too .

Because , Good Artworks or Artist Existent what are must hold Attractive Original Essence.

So that they will take you to the Field of your Creative Souse and Imagination both .

Real Arts are Nature Blessings itself .

This my studying Artlosophy Philosophical Theory and like these Opportunities what You would get senses of Inside Energy trough Art creation are Give you special Awareness Exactly.

It is the meaning of Arts Experiences are Needed to everybody who lives on mother Planet.

So, Please try to Watch both Art Creations and All People Who you meet , without any judgement good or Bad .

And then it will give you truth what you needed indeed .

If you realize your inner Energy , than day by day you will be able to understand more and more what is real love mean in any situation .

It is the real value of this Festival. I know it . I believe so .

Thanks Regards

sincerely yours

Saito Cecilia Kaoru

Artist / Artlosophy Founder : Guide &Educator



Cecilia K Art & Design Studio


Artlosophy : Sensibility Education, Self Design Elevation Study