Live , like Music , like Poem


The Bird

He is Flying in the fire

maybe he going to die such a danger moment

however, He didn’t hesitate



He knew that

The fire was Wisdom

And he knew that he will be reincarnation sooner or later




I decided to write poem by me put into my artworks . Then I wrote the short poem right now .


There was thing that ,

It is …

Yesterday I watched a TV show about Beethoven, nine secret episodes for the ninth symphony. I was very inspired by the program of what to do in my life.

Until yesterday, I didn’t know why he composed the symphony.

And it is that the symphony No. 4 in the lyrics and the meanings , we are all brothers and sisters .

it was At the same period in the French Revolution.

Beethoven’s idea was same what French people did not want to be ruled by the nobility.

Later he composed the symphony.

I think the situation of the times is very similar to that of today.

I am thinking that Most people, nations and governments have forgotten the most important thing what wellbeing is the true purpose of our life.

You know why I have writing this matter , actually, before my elder brother passed away , he had telling me that Beethoven is the best Composer .

At last I knew that elder brothers Thought about Beethoven.

then I thought .. I decided ,should Write poem more and put into my painting works .

( Derek, thank you very much.

Your research always gives me great inspiration.

It is a gift of God. .

I am very grateful for your presence.)

Then today is last date of This year 31/Dec .