India Art Festival : Celebrating The Spirit of Women Hood


来月はインド人キュレーター、Sanjukta がオーガナイズするアート展に出品します。


is a very Renowned Artist from Tokyo, Japan.

Philosophy behind her art, she says….

It is always based on the relationship between the vibration in the mind, which is the source of human creation, and the five major elements that make up the world: sky( space ) , wind, fire, water and soil. I am interested in the relationship between emotions and creativity, the depth and delicacy of human emotions, how they affect color and shape, and the energy of the mind and body. Also, for me, the production itself is a philosophical act. In particular, it is an act of trying to reach the essence of human beings, and the essence of the universe, which is beyond the conflict between right and wrong inside. This is because we consider that the frequencies in our hearts and how we handle them are deeply involved in our lives and creativity.

○Materials I handle

It is Japanese paper made by hand. It is weak in a sense and strong in a sense. It’s hard to say even after thousands of years. Instead, it is affected by the air. Air temperature and humidity will affect the future. But that’s what I can say is natural. No change It’s really unattractive.

○My technique

I do photography, drawing, singing, videos, paintings, sculptures. I’m a so-called multi-type artist. Depending on Thema, timing, etc., I choose the technique from time to time.

○Attitude when producing

Whether I have taking pictures, using the colors , draw, singing songs, or modeling, my primary focus is on inner vibrations. And it’s generally a very sculptural approach. It can be a sculpture of light and shadow, a sculpture on top, a sculpture of voice and wind, like this . I would like to see what the drawing that moves the hand, all the strokes, and the color similar to the light create in front of me. It is close to nature observation, but rather nature observation itself. Because humans belong to nature.

Rather than making something myself, I myself become a part of nature, like the wind shining in the light, the sand being carried by the waves, the petals opening, withering and withering. In addition, my ideal attitude is to produce.

For me, the work is a blink of one’s life.

The theme is to imagine and feel the breath of the moment and the heart of another person, and draw with the feeling of being one with that person.

It becomes a work after being born one day and letting go to the end of life.

It seems to include the world before and after birth, which is invisible to the eye, and another dimension.

Thankyou dear Cecilia for joining this Unique show “ Celebrating the spirit of Womanhood”.

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