Why Indian wisdom can grown up Great leader , How to learn Philosophycal Attitude : Vol.2


Now a day , ppl think the best way of making wellbeing is psychological thinking.

However , once you have stop and think deeply , then You can get immediately that the base of psychology is consist by Philosophy.

Philosophy is the basic of humans creations .

So , let’s more understand regarding philosophy is what , why it is important in modern age .

— Relationship between Indian thought circuits and representatives of successful companies, —


and Indian characteristics that people around the world should know.


If you are Researchers, having interest to AI , 21C New business Or looking for something, it is the best opportunities to learn the System of Essence of Indian philosophy’s.

by Sensibility Education Artlosophy founder : Saito Cecilia Kaoru
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( It is a post that to introduce the Concerning of Relationships between Indian philosophy’s and the theory & practice of Artlosophy , and the merits & benefits .)


◆Integrating the intelligence of different ethnic groups to build a new world

Every one knows that Indians are contributing to companies that the development of computer programs that are now indispensable.

Combining that Indian intelligence with the power of Western materialization, computer programming is developing more and more, making people’s lives more convenient, and in recent years, AI has continued to be developed and is working as a substitute for humans. ..

Today’s topic is Indian intelligence and how to nurture it, but rather than saying Indian supremacy, it is an Indian topic as an approach to understand the advantages and ways of utilizing them while omitting their own type.

In particular, what I have recently been thinking about is to integrate the essential functions of the languages used by each nation in order to develop the computer programming necessary for more peaceful and harmonious use in the future. It is a different dimension of programming.

The cultural values, relics, and differences and peculiarities of things that are unconsciously faced by the differences of each ethnicity, there are secrets and paths of programming that create new business and value, I think.

Today I would like to think about how Indian intelligence influences global business and computer programming.


◆Relationship between India, a global company and successful business people

❶ There are many Indians at the top of world-renowned companies such as CEOs of Microsoft, Google, and Adobe System.


→ ❷ The fact that they are a global company has the power to meet the needs of people around the world and lead the company. ――


What is it like?

→ ❸ They have a foundation that creates the thought that creates the IT genius and a universal mind that satisfies the world.


What exactly is it?

→ ❹ What they have in common is the power to develop their own thinking circuits and languages that have been cultivated from the history, tradition, culture and life of India for thousands of years.

The power to find a direction without making a mistake for the common goal that the whole group should achieve.


Who are the people who make use of it?

→ ❺ Indian IT geniuses. And there are some who are not Indian, but who have been exposed to Indian wisdom.

We all know Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Thunder Pichai, Apple’s founder Steve Jobs and, a little older, the Beatles members. Paul still has a strong influence.


Now let’s go to understand more about the intelligence of India.


◆Why Indians became IT geniuses

Is it possible for us to acquire the same element that these Indians have in common?

Is this something you want to care about it ?

This is familiar to universal business and programming very much , why .

1: Indian philosophy pervaded the world

The Bhagavat Gita, the poem of God, which is called the Essence of Veda in Indian philosophy, has been translated into almost all languages and is read by many people in east and west countries.

Inside the desk, which is set in the finest rooms of hotels in major countries, is a drawer alongside the bible.

In other words, Indian philosophy has a humanitarian and universal purpose, not just to convey information and know-how.

2: Very few people can read Veda properly. Because it is too much, too long , and the descriptions are detailed. The structure is difficult to understand.

So that , To interpret Veda , Indian Philosophy correctly, you need an expert reading guide.

It’s completely different from a regular book. The guide to Indian philosophy, which replaced the Indian Philosophy,Veda scriptures with philosophy, is commonly referred to as the guru, or master.

◯Indian Benefits of learning the essence of Indian philosophy with a simple approach

1: Experience and recognize the feeling of a complex structural language that produces emotions.

2: The essence of Indian philosophy is universal and does not deny culture or religion.

3: Easy to understand one’s qualities, characteristics and talents.

4: Understand your own culture, language sense features, and functions.

There is a possibility that they can perceive consciousness and intellect by constructing a new system in different dimensional areas that were previously unconscious.

It has the potential to create new required programming languages and new universal business structures.

writer :
Artlosophy founder Saito Cecilia Kaoru



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