About Cecilia Kaoru Art/Voice by Misty Terrace


( 2018/14/May)

I have never known much about art and paintings. It is still a very new concept in our country. But I have seen some nice paintings and pictures on the walls, and inside the halls, and got struck by its beauty, mystery and charm. After seeing Kaoru Cecilia’s painting and art, I have grown more accustomed to art and learned more about the art world, themes, concept, and its features. Kaoru’s art has the potential to get you lit up!!

I observe her dedicating her best to everything she paints. I feel painters are the most successful when their techniques and concepts get expressed on the canvas effortlessly. So, I think that, her works are spontaneous and technically perfect all the time, the way it connects with me.

It’s so different and it kinda defines her expression and style. I’ve never seen anything like it. Her work reminds me a little bit of my childhood memories, which is now abstract and blurry in my head, but it has shaped my life to this day. So its blurry, and then concrete at the same time.

What makes Kaoru an artist is also her soulful voice. I stumbled upon one of her music on YouTube, and instantly fell in love with her voice and how she sings. Though I couldn’t understand the language, in some ways, I could feel the full song and the emotions inside the singer’s heart. She voice carries such peace and tranquility that it numbs the heart, and makes on feel good and relaxed. That’s how true art connects and touches.

Her voice is soothing to my ears and when she sings it feels there is music in the air. It’s so honest and pure, and it’s the only Japanese song I know of and I will sing it myself one day.

Tandin Wangchuk

Singer, Songwriter, Poet and Musician at Misty Terrace


Misty Terrace : Jarim


Cecilia K Sweet Sea Dream


By DeepL

私はこれまで、芸術や絵画についてあまり知らなかった。私たちの国では、芸術や絵画はまだとても新しい概念です。しかし、壁やホールの中に飾られた素敵な絵画や絵を見て、その美しさ、神秘性、魅力に心を打たれました。 セシリア薫さんの絵画やアートを見て、私はアートに慣れ親しみ、アートの世界、テーマ、コンセプト、その特徴などをより深く知ることができました。薫さんのアートは、あなたを熱くさせる可能性を秘めています!!。


彼女の表現やスタイルを決定づけていると言っても過言ではありません。このような作品は見たことがありません。彼女の作品は、私の子供時代の記憶を少し思い出させます。今では抽象的で頭の中ではぼやけていますが、それが今日までの私の人生を形成してきました。 だから、そのぼやけた感じは、同時に具体的なものでもあるのです。





ミュージシャン of ブータン

Misty Terrace : Jarim


Cecilia K Sweet Sea Dream