Bhutan, a country with a happy future for the planet


Recently, Bhutan has been booming in my life. The first time I met Bhutan was in September 2017, when I was in hospital.

I would like to write about this again. At the time, I had bronchial asthma and had difficulty breathing, so I was in hospital for 10 days.

At that time, I listened to the music of a Bhutanese artist who I met on LinkedIn, a social networking site specializing in business, every day in my hospital bed.


◯The importance of listening to your heart
I am now teaching the importance of listening to your emotions through Yoga of the Heart, and it was listening to this artist that gave me the idea to create this practice of listening heart Voice .

I felt a kindness and compassion in the voice of this Bhutanese artist that I had never experienced before. At the same time, I felt that there are no artists in Japan who can sing with such compassion.

Of course, there are many people in Japan who are good, who have beautiful voices, who are amazing, but his voice is not just a voice, it has a deep philosophy.
This is what I received from the very nature of his voice. The voice oozes humanity, spirituality, intelligence, philosophy, inner warmth, the way we look at society.

I learned a lot from his voice itself. I learned something profound from his voice itself, a kindness that penetrated deeply into my heart and shed light on memories and things that I had forgotten were important to me.
Yes, I heard his voice and it reminded me of what was important to me.

And I became deeply aware of the importance of listening to my heart in this way.

◯Bhutan, the country that will lead the earth in the 21st century
This is really not an exaggeration, and I believe that Bhutan can become such a country.

Mr. Kuenga, the cousin of the artist Tandin Wangchuk, who I mentioned earlier, is actually in Japan. I was recently invited to Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, where her cousin and fellow Bhutanese live.

There, I was deeply moved by how Bhutanese people make friends, support each other, care for their families, work in society, think about the future and their country, and respect and love the King of Bhutan.

The kindness of the Bhutanese artist’s voice, the mutual support of the Bhutanese young people living far away in Japan, and the way they treated me, and their quiet expressions of affection, all came together for me.

Well, this was the major atmosphere of the Bhutanese people and so on. There was an ease, relaxation and gentleness that I had never experienced in such a peaceful way. It was as if I was in the home of a loving aunt who cared for me and made me feel at home.

This experience was huge and will have a profound effect on my life, my way of being, my thoughts and my actions.

I talked about this on the phone with Mr. Sugiyama, a sculptor who lives in Italy and who is a senior student at my university.

He said to me: “That’s very futuristic. It’s very futuristic. That’s exactly what we should be doing. They are working on the most important thing on this planet right now. Because they’ve been living it for a long time.” He said.

◯The future of Bhutan and its industry
The youth of Bhutan are going abroad and working in various professions because there is not much industry in the country.
They are gentle and seem to be working in companies while integrating into the societies of other countries.
Some of them have studied IT in Indian universities and have become SE.

But for them, the most important thing is not the title or the salary. They are in pursuit of happiness.

From my point of view, the most wonderful thing about the Bhutanese people is their spiritual qualities. It is really something to be noted. I have visited more than 10 countries and lived in their homes.

I have found the most pleasant experiences in my time with the Bhutanese people living in Fukushima, Japan.

Their spiritual qualities are something to be proud of and the way they build relationships and teamwork is one of the things that the developed world has lost sight of the most in this day and age.
According to the King of Bhutan, the economy is not the ultimate goal. I’m sure some of you have heard of Gross National Happiness, but he seems to be doing everything he can to achieve it. Because of this, the young people who have come to Japan to work here do not seem anxious at all, and I received a deep sense of security and relief that I have never received from anyone before.
I immediately understood that this was a sign that the Kingdom of Bhutan was stable, and in short, spiritually rich.

I truly believe that Bhutan is an important country for the future of our planet, and that the youth of the Bhutanese will be the people that the world needs. And I want to help Bhutan.

◯What can I do?
There are three things that I can do.
My specialty is art and design.
So I can teach children and students about art and design.

And this has the potential to create an industry in Bhutan.
Because I have an Indian business partner who is preparing a new brand of apparel business to be launched and sold.

Here I proposed to my business partner that we would like to introduce to the world a new coating based on the traditional culture, art and technology of Asia. I wanted to educate the people involved, protect their jobs and livelihoods, and keep the technology alive for the future. He said yes to that. Now he is in Canada, on standby because he can’t come home because of the pandemic.

And one last thing, and this is very important, I thought that it might be possible to train facilitators who could run the sensibility education programmes that I am working on for business people and students in developed countries. I think this could be a new business model for education, using the spiritual heritage of Bhutanese youth, which the people of the world need.

Artlosophy 感性教育研究

心のヨガ入門講座 主宰 Saito Cecilia Kaoru














その時に、ビジネス特化型のSNS LinkedInで知り合った、ブータンのアーティストの音楽に、病院のベッドで毎日のように深く聞き入っていました。

◯ 心の声を聞く大切さ

現在、私は心のヨガを通して、”感情の声を聞くことの大切さ” を伝えていますが、実はその声を聞くワークを生み出すアイデアをもらったのはこのアーティストの声を聴いたことがきっかけでした。

その理由ですが、___ 私は、このブータンのアーティストの声から、これまで味わったことのないような優しさと慈愛を凄く感じたのです。と、同時にこのような慈愛を持って歌えるアーティストは、この日本にはいないのではないかとさえ思ったのです。






◯ 21世紀の地球を担う国ブータン


先に話した、アーティスト、Tandin Wangchuk のいとこ、Kuenga さんが実は日本にいます。私はつい先日招待を受けて、そのいとこさんや、仲間のブータン人たちが暮らす、福島県郡山に招かれました。






先輩はこのようにおっしゃいました。” それはまさに未来的だね。僕たちのあるべき姿がそこにある。彼らは今この地球上において、最も大切な事に取り組んでいるんだね。それはそれをずっと大事に生きてきたからだね。” と。




中にはインドの大学でITを学び、SE になっている方などもいるようです。







私は、このブータンこそが、この地球の未来に大切な国であり、Bhutan の若者たちは、世界に必要な人々になるはずだと心からそう思いました。そして、このブータン国の力になりたいと思いました。

◯ 私にできる事






私はここでそのビジネスパートナーに提案しました__ “ アジアの伝統文化、芸術、技術をもとに作られた新しい被覆を世界に発信したい、” と。そしてそれに関わる人々に教育をし、その人たちの仕事と生活を守り、その技術を未来につなぎたいと、申し上げました。彼はそれに対して快くオーケーを言ってくれました。現在その人はカナダにいて、パンデミックのために帰国できないので待機中ですが、





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